Whether you’re thinking about getting a new smartphone or you’ve already decided to buy one, there are many good reasons to consider the new Samsung Galaxy S24, including the fact that you can get the legendary Unicorn Beetle PRO case for every model and not have to worry about dropping your phone.


Here’s a look at why people are choosing the S24 line.

There are three models.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 comes in a base model (starting at $799), a Plus (starting at $999), and an Ultra (starting at $1,299). This means you can get the standard features even with the cheapest option, but you have additional options if you have a larger budget.


As always, the only significant drawback is the storage for the first two models. The Plus can only hold up to 512GB, while the Ultra offers a 1TB option.

There are AI features.

With Samsung’s new line of Galaxy phones, you get access to some cool AI features. For instance, the Circle to Search feature allows you to circle, highlight, or tap anything on your screen to run a Google search without actually opening your browser. You can do this in any app.


There’s also a generative edit feature, which allows you to edit and remove backgrounds, fill in any area intelligently, and even swap out faces seamlessly. The live translate feature will translate multiple languages in real-time on voice calls and text messages, and there’s a Chat Assist feature will help you generate text for a message, like email or social media.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is a decent mid-option.

The Plus model has many of the same features in the standard model, with some slight upgrades in terms of storage space capability, and the battery charges slightly faster, reaching 65% in 30 minutes. The standard model reaches 50% in 30 minutes by comparison.

The front cameras are the same, and there’s no significant difference between them and the main camera. You do get 12GB of RAM as opposed to 8GB with the standard model, but the processors are the same. The screen is half an inch larger than the standard model at 6.7”, and the resolution is slightly better at 1440 x 3088. Overall, it’s a good choice if you want a little more than just the basic model.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is amazing.

The new S24 Ultra model is priced at $100 more than the 23 Ultra model, at $1,299, but it’s proving worth the extra cost. Most of the time, new models only have relatively minor upgrades and no real innovation, but that’s not the case with the S24 line. There is a noticeable improvement in screen brightness, performance, the camera’s hardware, durability, and more. 

For instance, this model happens to be one of the brightest smartphones on the market, with 2,600 nits of brightness- more than the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which have only 2,000 nits.


The S24 Ultra model is made from titanium instead of the standard aluminum, which is lightweight and more durable. Even Apple uses titanium for its high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max model. The S24 Ultra also comes with something called Gorilla Glass Armor, a durable layer of glass designed to provide even more protection from drops and micro-scratches than the previous year’s glass.


As many predicted, this model has more RAM (12GB) and comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. This chip improves graphics, photos, and videos and powers the new AI tasks, like Circle to Search and Generative edit.


The camera on this model got a serious upgrade from last year’s 10MP 3x zoom telephoto lens to a 50MP lens with 5x optical zoom. This makes a noticeable difference in photos taken at a distance and increases the clarity in dimly lit environments.

The Ultra also brings back something many people need to remember: the stylus. However, this particular stylus is so much more. When you tuck the S Pen stylus into the bottom left corner, it’s being charged. You can use this stylus to create gifs from videos, but the coolest feature is using it like a remote control. 

For example, holding the button and drawing a “less than” sign in the air triggers the back action, which allows you to return to a previous screen in your browser or app. You can also open the camera app remotely by pressing the button for a little longer and then pressing it again to take a photo.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is an excellent phone.

New phones always come out, but the S24 line is truly unique. Whether you want the new AI features or a smartphone with a bright display that takes amazing photos, the Galaxy S24 is a great choice for everyone.