If you haven’t had experience with car shipping before, you probably have many doubts. That’s a handy service that car owners in Texas can count on when they need to move their car to a remote location but don’t want to engage in a multi-day road trip or don’t have time.

By researching the best options to move a car, you came across carriers that provide vehicle transportation services. Considering many shipping companies operate in Texas, it’s important to choose carefully and avoid scams. More about it on this web page.

You should approach this search with utmost attention since your four-wheeler is one of your most valuable belongings, and you certainly don’t want to leave it to anyone. So research your options and get answers to important questions before deciding on a specific transportation company in Texas.

Is the Chosen Company a Carrier or a Broker?

Car transportation companies deal with vehicle hauling, but they do it in different ways. If a transportation company doesn’t have its own website, it often relies on a broker to find clients. Also, these companies can operate either as carriers or brokers, but they can offer all these services under one roof.

Carriers take over vehicle shipping, and you agree to all the details with them. If you take this path, you will surely find more favorable rates because you avoid a middleman, that is, a broker. But you have to be prepared for some concessions, such as the fact that shipping can’t be done fast or that delays are possible because the trailer isn’t full yet.

As for brokerage services related to car transportation, these companies aren’t directly involved in vehicle hauling. Instead, as their name suggests, they provide brokerage services and thus help clients find the best transportation option. They connect shippers and car owners who need this service.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes time, considering carriers can’t transport one vehicle at a time but several dozen on open trailers. In most cases, the drop-off won’t be immediate. Still, some shipping companies provide express transportation services that are really handy in case of emergency but cost a lot.

If you have more time and flexibility for vehicle drop-off and delivery, you can save a lot of money. So you should book this service several weeks in advance.


Carriers generally give notice on delivery that exceeds the estimated shipping time and thus protect themselves from legal issues. If the opportunity arises, for example, a freed seat in an open trailer that leaves earlier for your destination, the carrier can offer you that seat, sometimes at a discounted price.

How long transportation will take depends on many factors. For instance, to ship car to Texas usually takes two to three days. For more distant destinations within the States, the journey can take up to 10 days. In the case of overseas shipping to Hawaii, the trip can last up to two weeks.

How to Prepare a Car for Shipping?

Carriers may have different requirements for clients to prepare their vehicles for shipping. However, there is a general set of criteria they must meet for the transportation company to accept their cars. First, the vehicle must be in driving condition. Even if there are some malfunctions, the main systems must be operational so your four-wheeler can start without problems.

Then, checking car fluids, tires, and brakes is a must, as is removing all removable parts, accessories, and personal belongings. As for the gas tank, never fill it to the top before shipping. Clean the car inside and wash it outside. Some transportation companies can do that for you, of course, for a fee.

What If Damage Occurs on the Road?

While preparing the car for shipping, check all existing damages and note them down. Upon delivery, inspect your vehicle again and determine if there is any new damage. It’s best to do it at the delivery terminal or while the courier is still there. If you spot any new scratch or imprint, notify the shipping company immediately.


Reputable carriers have proper liability insurance. To be fully covered in these situations, never cooperate with companies that don’t offer this option. With insurance, you can file a claim against a carrier right after estimating a car damage repair costs. There are usually no major delays in this process, but if the shipping company doesn’t want to pay for the repair, you’re free to reach out to your insurer or a lawyer.

Here’s how to file a claim against a carrier if your vehicle is damaged:


With this knowledge, you can be sure when choosing a transportation company in Texas. By knowing whom to hire, you can avoid fraud, poor service, and car damage that can cost you a lot.