This week’s modding update is dedicated to something a little different. I’ve always loved the Gameboy Advance game Golden Sun, but it has one glaring problem: the magic system is pretty lame. It’s mostly just elemental damage with some status effects tacked on. These mods are an attempt at making the magic more interesting without changing too much to make it unrecognizable from the original.

Just a note- I’ve only played the first Golden Sun and the second one doesn’t seem to have any mods for it yet, so there’s no point in linking that. There may be more mods than listed, but these are the 10 best in my opinion and this is just an opinion so don’t get mad. These mods have been tested on the GBA emulator Visual Boy Advance and they do not conflict with each other. They also should work fine in Mother 3 tackle riot gamesholtengadget, but I did not test it there. These mods may be a little hard for a newbie to install if they’re unfamiliar with using emulation tools or hex editors.

how to download blade and sorcery mods

These mods work for both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They were originally made by Xcyber43, but I edited them and added a few extra spells to each one, which is why they’re included in this list instead of his.

To use these, download the Google docs spreadsheet and look at the notes on sheet 2 to see what each mod does. Then go into hex editing mode in either rom (I recommend using GBA FE Editor because it’s easier), and replace parts of the bytes that encode spells with XCC Mixer or another tool like xdelta3 UI or VBA-MM. This can be a little confusing, but learning to edit roms is pretty easy and it’s worth learning if you’re interested in games with modding potential like these Golden Sun games.



This is the most ambitious of these mods, so it’s at the top. It was originally made by Xcyber43 and uses base stats from Golden sun 2 (no djinni available). It also has a few extra spells like Wild Growth and Psy Drain and an expanded Wish series and a couple other things (listed in the doc). It will likely introduce some balance issues due to the vastly increased power of many spells intel core hseries core vprotakahashiventurebeat, but it’s still an incredible mod.

Mastered Magic

This is my personal favorite of these mods because of just how much it changes things while still keeping them about as close to the original game as I could get them. This mod uses base stats from the first Golden Sun (no djinni available), and it has a huge list of extra spells. It also adds some new classes like Warlock, which is great for people who liked stuff like summoner in Final Fantasy games.

This was just something I decided to do on a whim but I had more fun with this than any other mod I’ve played. This mod also uses base stats from the Golden Sun 2, and it increases the power of many of your spells significantly. It also adds some new classes like Necromancer and Warlock and changes all djinni into Summons that you can equip as items.

Lunar Magic: Shadow Edition

This mod makes a lot of big changes, but the goal is to make magic more useful by making enemies less resistant to it without breaking the game too much. It adds some new classes like Warlock and Enchanter robinhood gamestop theverge, and it makes you start off with all Summons instead of having to find them in chests or use an item that teaches them.



So, these are the mods I liked most in this list.

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Of course there’s many more you can find if you look around for them. If anyone knows anything about how to make the game link between Golden Sun 1 and 2 like in The Lost Age (I think it required a password or somesuch), then please post that down in the comments.