Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that continues to capture the hearts of players of all ages. With a new version of the game launching each year, there are always new seeds to explore. The December 2021 release of the game brings a whole new set of Minecraft 118 seeds for players to explore. From flat plains to cold snow biomes and treacherous mountains, these seeds offer plenty of variety for players to explore. This section will introduce readers to the latest Minecraft 118 seeds available in December 2021 and provide a brief overview of each seed.

Overview of Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish developer Markus Persson in 2011. It allows players to explore randomly generated virtual worlds and build amazing structures, from simple houses to grand palaces. The game has experienced rapid growth and continues to be extremely popular with gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

With the 1.18 update, Minecraft’s world generation algorithm has been improved significantly, allowing for larger and more varied creations. In addition, there are new blocks and mobs which players can use in their creations, such as Endermen and Polar Bears. Players also have access to over a million seeds, which provide a template for creating worlds of various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran player looking for something new to try out, there are plenty of amazing randomly generated worlds out there waiting to be explored!

Seed List

Minecraft is a game that allows players to explore, build, and customize their own virtual world. If you are looking for a new world to explore and build your creations, then you might be interested in downloading some of the Minecraft 118 Seeds for December 2021. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular seeds available this month so that you can start your own adventure and explore what the game has to offer.

Seed 1

Seed #1 for Minecraft for the month of December 2021 is “junglecontrol118”. This seed will generate a world with several jungle biomes in the center of the map. The world is filled with huge trees, grasslands, rivers, and various other features. Additionally, there are various secrets to discover while exploring the world and navigating through it. Players may find various structures like temples, strongholds, dungeons, and more while exploring this seed. Be sure to take caution while traveling through this seed as there are several hostile mobs that can be encountered. Additionally, you will also have to be prepared with enough resources to navigate the terrain in order to make progress towards completing your goals. Enjoy your adventure!

Seed 2

Seed 2 is a perfect seed for those looking to create a settlement, as it gives you access to everything you need all in one place. The immediate spawn area includes several villages and a large ocean biome. There’s plenty of resources around, including multiple different types of trees, so having a fort or base here wouldn’t be an issue. The terrain is mostly flat and makes building in any shape or form relatively easy to do. Not only that, but the incredible sunsets make this seed even better by providing unbeatable views!

Seed 3

The third seed (version 1.18, December 2021) is a unique seed that provides quick and useful access to some of the game’s more thrilling features and areas. This seed spawns the player close to a large village located in a dense forest biome with two blacksmiths and amazing loot, such as two diamonds, iron leggings, an iron chestplate, an iron sword, a saddle and some other items.

A bit further away from the village, there are multiple interesting biomes in which plenty of different animals can be encountered — both passive (like cows and sheep) as well as aggressive creatures like spiders. There is also a large birch forest coupled with some extreme hills at one corner of the map — for players who seek ultimate adventure. Plus, there are four ravines very close to spawn – great for anyone playing in survival mode who needs resources quickly!
For those wanting to make their way underwater as soon as possible there’s also an underwater monuments easily accessed from this seed. Lastly you can find two pyramids – ancient desert structures ready to be explored by bold adventurers!

Seed 4

Seed 4 of December 2021 presents an incredible opportunity to explore the far-reaching corners of Minecraft’s generation. Ideal for players who are looking for a challenge, this seed generates a dense collection of mountains, extreme elevations, and flowing rivers. Some features to watch out for include:
-A floating island suspended in mid-air
-Bordering swamp and bamboo jungle biomes
-An unusual colony of ice spikes
-A birch forest forest tower landmark
-An expansive ravine cutting through the mountain range
Whether you’re looking to build a sprawling castle in the clouds or journey down into unexplored depths, this seed offers plenty to explore and uncover. Happy adventuring!

Seed 5

Seed 5 is a gorgeous Minecraft world filled with steep mountains, green rolling hills and several distinct biomes. This seed is packed with plenty of natural beauty and offering countless opportunities for exploration. It’s a great place to build your own home, venture out on daring adventures or simply exploring the open terrain.

The world itself is large size and have no extra biomes tagged. There are three main villages — the closest one near spawn is in a savanna biome. This village features two blacksmiths with iron tools and armor available in abundance, as well as valuable loot like redstone, diamonds, bones and obsidian. Nearby you’ll find a desert temple full of some potentially incredible loot waiting to be collected.

Further away from spawn you’ll find swamp hills covered in large oak trees providing great materials for projects while mountains provide tall stone walls perfect for building defences on your buildings or settlements. The giant mushroom biome with its bright red blocks has hidden many treasures over the years too! You won’t want to miss out on all the fun this seed offers so don’t forget to check it out!

Seed 6

Seed 6 is a popular seed for MineCraft players looking to try something new. This random seed offers up a large landmass with plenty of opportunities to explore, but also includes several areas of ocean and plenty of small islands or archipelagos amidst it. Players will find some smaller villages, but larger cities may also be present in the world. A variety of resources can be gathered from the land, from food to wood and stone materials needed for construction, as well as coal and iron ore. There are no abandoned mineshafts in this seed, so players may want to seek a base elsewhere. However, there are multiple dungeons available containing tons of loot should you care to explore them. Players also have access to biomes such as roofed forest and swampland, as well as plains biome with horses spawning in it!

Seed 7

Seed 7 is a Minecraft 118 seed released in December 2021. It offers a variety of landscapes and biomes to explore with natural structures like villages, outposts, and dungeons scattered about the terrain. The average elevation for Seed 7 is 68 meters. Players will find temples made from sandstone, abandoned mineshafts, sand pyramids, and desert NPC villages. There are also plenty of underwater ruins and coral reefs nearby to explore along with Haunted Towers that spawn mobs at night. Other features of this seed include an Ender Portal near the center of the map and several sources of Lava Pools throughout the world. With so much to discover, Seed 7 promises an exciting Minecraft experience for players young and old alike!

Seed 8

Seed 8 is an ideal choice if you are looking to start exploring a world with some interesting biomes. This seed can be used in Minecraft Java version 1.18, and is known for its large desert biome filled with huge underground ravine systems to explore. You will spawn in a plains biome, surrounded by huge hills and to your west you can find an extreme hills biome full of realistic terrain. You can also find villages with different structures, like desert pyramids and Igloo that is surrounded by a small lake. There are plenty of temples, blacksmiths and other chest loot to search for throughout the world, so gather your supplies on your way!

Seed 9

Seed 9 is a great seed to use if you want to stay in the center of the Minecraft world. It was first discovered by the Minecraft YouTuber akvalon88 and posted on Reddit. Here’s what you can find when you visit this particular seed:

-Emerald Village
-Desert Temple
-Nether Fortress
-Skeleton Dungeon
-End Portal
-Abandoned Mine Shaft
-Ocean Monument
-Witch Hut
-Plains Village with Witch Hut & Pillager Tower Nearby Safari Jungle Village With Iron Golem & Stronghold Nearby! Yeti Valley With Emotes and Igloo Shaman in Desert Temple Mansion on an Island Beautiful Snow Village Island Twin Ice Spikes Plains Biome With Pillager Tower & Shipwreck Garden Foxes Spawner Maze Woodland Mansion

Seed 10

Seed number 10 is a fun and varied seed that features a ravine, pillager outpost, abandoned mineshaft, extended village, and several large and small woodland mansions. This seed has it all! Starting out in the plains biome with plenty of resources close by, you can immediately start building your base. Around the corner from the spawn there is an entrance to a ravine which contains a branch mine vein – great for getting lots of ore quickly. Nearby you will also find two desert village settlements both with their own blacksmith as well as an abandoned mineshaft running underground just east of the spawn area.
Heading further out from the spawn there are several woodland mansions in the swamp biome to explore surrounded by lush green forest and deep blue oceans full of treasure. The surroundings are great for providing food and materials for building! With so much to explore this seed has something to offer everyone – no matter what kind of Minecraft adventure they’re looking for!


Minecraft seeds can be used to discover new worlds, and December of 2021 is no different. With the latest 118 seeds, players can explore a variety of biomes and terrain, get creative, and even have a few surprises thrown in. In this article, we have reviewed the different Minecraft seeds for December 2021 and discussed their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the conclusion we can draw from our findings.

Summary and Final Thoughts

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