The latest season of the popular pirate-themed game, Sea of Thieves, is live with a host of improvements to gameplay and cosmetic items. All players have been gifted free treasure maps and several new quests for exploring uncharted islands around the world. The updates will keep coming all year long so stay tuned!

The “sea of thieves season 4 content” is a list of all the quality of life improvements that have been made in Sea of Thieves Season 5. The list includes things like new weapons, new items, and a new ship type.

Though Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its first release in 2018, Season 5 introduces a lot of quality-of-life enhancements that will make pirating simpler than ever. It’s simply a cozy update; unlike the Pirate’s Life expansion, there’s no central questline, but all the little details have been fixed to offer pirates some respite. Here are all of Sea of Thieves Season 5’s significant quality-of-life enhancements.

Ammunition Pouches

All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

The days of rushing back and forth to a ship or ammunition box to reload your weapon’s five rounds are gone (or, at least, limited). Skeletons and Phantoms will now sometimes drop Ammo Pouches upon death, fully replenishing all of your equipped weapons. However, since this is a random drop, it’s likely that you’ll receive an unfortunate run and still have to go a long distance to replenish your ammunition.

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Beds for Sleeping

1638459981_587_All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

Even pirates get weary, so it’s only fitting that you may now sleep on the bed of your ship. To sleep in a bed, just walk up to one and press X, and your character will fall asleep. You may wake up at any moment, but if you wait a brief while, your health will begin to rebuild. This is essential for injured pirates who have run out of food after a long fight. However, if you have any naughty crew members, they may wake you up at any moment by dumping a bucket of water on you.

Fill Storage Crates Immediately

1638459982_877_All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

Season 5 now allows players to move goods between Storage Crates and Barrels with only one action (hold X to Take, hold Y to Store). When holding a Storage Crate and staring at a Barrel or Rowboat Chest, this works, and the mechanism should save you a lot of time if you keep playing Sea of Thieves. However, be aware that transferring additional resources, as well as stealing from an enemy crew’s ship Barrels, takes longer.

Mouths move as a result of the conversation.

1638459982_937_All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

The lips of player characters will now animate while chatting through in-game voice chat, which is a minor enhancement among a long number of minor changes. Despite the fact that it serves no purpose other than to provide as a visual signal that someone is speaking, it adds a depth of realism that was before absent. Pirates will no longer gaze at you blankly while they shout vehemently through the microphone for you to join the Cannons. We anticipate it will be difficult to go back once you’ve been used to this function.

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Ships with Rats

1638459983_654_All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

Rats have been scurrying about your ship since the addition was revealed a while back. Players should keep a look out for them, even if they seem to be a nuisance. Rats will scurry up from your ship’s lower deck to indicate a leak, signaling that it’s time to go down and fix it. If the thought of Rats at your feet and near your Food Barrels is too much for you, you may disable the function in the Settings menu.

Loot Indicators for Kraken and Meg

1638459984_528_All-quality-of-life-improvements-in-Sea-of-Thieves-SeasonScreenshot courtesy of the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel

Kraken and Megalodon treasure is now easier to see amid the flowing waves for those who often find themselves in a thrilling encounter with the animals of the deep. Previously, these pieces of potentially valuable booty may be lost at sea following a long battle. The flock of Seagulls that will circle above will make it easier for you to keep track of the floating resources. Furthermore, Kraken treasure that spawns after destroying tentacles will no longer sink before the conclusion of the battle, allowing you to retrieve your prize.

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The “sea of thieves 2021” is a game that has seen many quality of life improvements in its latest season. The new changes to the game include more ships, better graphics, and improved gameplay.

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