Greetings, Battlefield 2042 fans! As December approaches, we’re excited to share all of the new updates and changes coming to the game in December 2021. This guide will contain everything you need to know about the upcoming patch — including new features and game enhancements, bug fixes and balance changes, download sizes, and more. So let’s get straight into it!

December 2021 brings some exciting new additions to the game. We’ve made changes to character customization and added more options for customization of your loadouts. We’ve also introduced a new map called “Haven Pass” which is set over a forested mountain range. The map has lots of interesting terrain, like giant bridges and massive rock walls that you can use for cover when attacking or defending a position.

We have also updated our systems for handling bugs and balancing issues as well as implementing improvements geared towards increasing matchmaking stability. Exploits that were possible in some online play modes have been fixed in this patch. On top of this, some graphics settings such as particle effects have been improved with performance optimizations added for users with lower-end systems. Finally, most weapons now have unique recoil patterns which were absent before this patch was implemented — something that should help put a greater number of players on an even playing field.

New Features

The Battlefield 2042 update brought lots of new features to the game. This includes new maps, game modes, weapons, vehicles and more. The update also brought improvements to the game’s engine for better performance. The update also included a decreased download size making the game more accessible for all. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features for the December 2021 patch.

New Maps

In the December 2021 patch update for Battlefield 2042, players can look forward to seven new maps being added to the game. Each of these maps is designed to offer up a different type of multiplayer experience and each features its own unique geography, aesthetic, and challenges. Here is a brief rundown of each map:

-Alps: A smaller map set in the German Alps with limited cover. Players should prepare for close-quarters combat.
-Sands: Set in the deserts of Egypt, this mid-sized map offers plenty of verticality and flanking opportunities thanks to its winding canyons and dangerous sandstorms that can turn the tide of battle.
-Kaleidoscope: Take Japan’s neon-lit streets by night — where future tech meets old world tradition — in this enormous urban battlefield.
-Manifest: The brutal beauty found in the southern USA has been turned into a massive combat zone—you’ll be challenged on every front in this vast desert locale.
-Orchid: Take control over an abandoned island resort—raining mortars, tense gunfights and plenty opportunities to outsmart your opponents await on Orchid Island.
-Renewal: This large scale reclamation site brings a unique form of warfare to Vietnam—exploit powerful terrain advantages and wreak havoc near Hanoi as you fight through for control over key objectives scattered across this rainforest map.
-Hourglass : Fight around two oil rigs perched high above an ancient desert kingdom, located Umm Sayhoun—-it’s sure to be one epic firefight from start to finish!

New Weapons

Battlefield 2042’s December 2021 update adds a host of new weapons worth exploring. These include advanced sniper rifles, precision and fully-automatic pistols, as well as tactical shotguns and more modern-style weapons.

Each weapon class offers a range of customization options in order to customize each weapon to your playing style. Shotguns have scatter patterns that affect what distance they are effective at, sniper rifles have scopes and barrel styles to choose from, assault rifles have barrels and muzzles for you to choose from.

The bullets in Forgotten Weapons travel further than the standard ones found in Battlefield 4. The extra distance means you will need to adjust your aim depending on the range you are shooting at. You can also customize the power of shots through attachments, allowing for greater control over how far bullets travel as well as their velocity when shot from longer distances.

Ammunition types now vary between weapons; some use shotgun shells while other use pistol ammunition or rifle cartridges — so you will need to select the right ammo type when customizing your loadouts. In addition, each weapon type can equip special perks that improve certain aspects such as reload speed and accuracy over long distances. With so many new possibilities available it ensures that even veteran players will find something new to enjoy with Battlefield 2042’s big December – 2021 update!

New Modes

Battlefield 2042 launches with several new game modes for players to explore and enjoy. Check out the details of these new game modes below:

Breakthrough: Breakthrough is a 64-player, attack-and-Defend variant featuring multi-stage operations that alternate between attack and defense.

Dirt Bike: A fast and fun mode designed to let players race between objectives, using their Dirt Bike to maneuver around the map with speed.

Hazard Zone: Battlefield 2042’s take on Battle Royale mode. This large-scale themed mode features teams in a winner takes all fight for supremacy fought over localized limited resources, for an intense experience unlike anything else in Battlefield 2042.

Escalation: In Escalation smaller teams of players battle across multiple stages of objectives to prove which team can claim victory faster than the others. It’s fast paced and packed full of intensity as each wave brings more destruction – but also more opportunity for the survivors..

New Vehicles

The December 2021 update for Battlefield 2042 introduces a range of new vehicles to the game. Players can now use tanks, helicopters and boats to traverse the battlefield. In addition, there are two new jetpacks in the game which give players more mobility options.

The new vehicles are as follows:

Tanks – Tanks provide heavy armor and firepower, ideal for taking control of particular points on the map or an area during a large-scale fight in Conquest mode. They have powerful cannons and thick armor that makes them difficult to take down.

Helicopters – Helicopters offer an additional high-speed vehicle choice that’s great for quickly traversing the map or raining down support fire on enemies from above. They can also be used to transport troops around quickly or as a makeshift ambulance in Emergency Orders mode.

Boat – Boats have been added to Battlefield 2042 with December 2021 update, allowing players to travel by sea when needed for quicker traversal across navigable maps such as Zavod Alert or Xurgan Missile Strike. In addition to providing fast transport, they also come equipped with mounted guns so they can provide support fire while navigating open water between two islands on Poseidon Arena Conquest mode.

Jetpacks– Two new jetpacks have been introduced with this update — the Marauder Jetpack and GRD Jetpack — both offering players a unique way of moving around the map quickly and providing long-range attacks from higher altitude on Rush maps such as Kaleidoscope Air Superiority.

Download Size

It’s important to note that the download size for the patch will vary based on your platform. The update download size is as follows:

PC: 4.72 GB
PlayStation 5: 4,07 GB
Xbox Series X|S: 3,73 GB
PlayStation 4: 3,48 GB
Xbox One: 3,22 GB
Google Stadia: 1.99 GB

Gameplay Changes

The December 2021 patch update for Battlefield 2042 brings a plethora of new changes and improvements to the game. From weapon balances to game modes and everything in between, this patch offers a lot of new content for all players. In this guide, we will take a look at the changes made to the game and offer tips on how to make the most of them.

Weapon Balance Changes

The December 2021 update for Battlefield 2042 will make a few important changes to weapon balance, aim assist, and effects.

Weapon balance changes introduce a new recoil system for all weapons, reduced hipfire accuracy and spread, as well as improved damage fall-off curves across the board. Additionally, aiming assistance has been toned down slightly to make it more challenging to use weapons in long-range engagements.

The range of the shotgun class is also affected by the patch so that different secondary weapons can fill multiple roles in combat. Other changes include reduced sound range on certain guns, increased motorcycle speed, improved AI behavior and animation when using vehicles, as well as improved AEGIS Shield systems. Lastly, weapon skins will be available for purchase through the game store with Cosmetic Points providing variations on existing items.

Vehicle Balance Changes

The December 2021 patch for Battlefield 2042 contains a variety of vehicle balance changes meant to make vehicles more accessible while making gameplay more exciting.• All civilian non-combat vehicles will no longer grant auto repair or close-quarters bonus protection.• All flying vehicles can now remain airborne for up to 10 minutes before needing to refuel or switch pilots.• Increased the maximum speed of MAAVs by 10%.• Reduced the size of attack helicopters to make them easier to maneuver in tight spaces.• Redesigned battle tanks’ hulls for improved armor and added ability to deploy infantry shields when stationary.• Updated all autocannon-equipped military land vehicles with increased ammo load, decreased reload time and increased accuracy at range. • Updated anti-air missiles on all military land vehicles with increased range, accuracy and proximity detection when in the air.

Map Changes

The December 2021 update for Battlefield 2042 includes a variety of changes and additions to the game. One of the most significant changes involves the maps, adding two new maps and making adjustments to previously existing ones. Below are some of the major map changes included in this game update.

New maps:
-Tomorrow: This new map introduced in Battlefield 2042 will challenge players who want to experience fast and chaotic combat in an all-out war setting. It is set in Sogdo, South Korea, with multiple points of interest located throughout its huge expanse.
-Manazuru: Engage in intense close range combat on this medium sized Pacific Coast map set off of Japan’s west coast in Manazuru. Take advantage of the varied terrain from beachside trenches to long sightlines across sprawling hillsides.

Map changes:
-Kaleidoscope: In addition to striking visuals, Kaleidoscope now also sports improved performance thanks to various optimizations done during this update. Take advantage of increased frame rate and draw distance when playing on Kaleidoscope!
-Breakaway: Enjoy a complete visual overhaul for Breakaway and take note that updated lighting positions have been changed as well as improved level streaming performance resulting in smoother play experience overall!
-Discarded (Alaskan Lakes): Drive with unparalleled speed across the massive open lakes located throughout Discarded’s Alaskan Lakes Sector! Multiple navigation paths have been opened up while additional jump points are scattered around giving players many more routing options.

Besides these exciting new maps and structural changes made to existing ones, there are other gameplay additions such as weapon balance adjustments, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more included with this December 2021 update. Be sure to read up on all notes available before jumping into battlefield 2042!

Bug Fixes

Multiple bug fixes have been implemented in the December 2021 update for Battlefield 2042. Here is a full list of all bug fixes across multiple platforms:

PC –
-Fixed an issue in the Destruction game mode where players got stuck with battle pick-ups and could not move.
-Fixed an issue causing players to disconnect randomly when loading into a game.
-Fixed an issue causing artillery strikes to cause frame rate drops while the VFX were fading out on the objective.

Xbox –
-Fixed an issue where exploding barrels caused random de-syncing between players and server host.
-Fixes for various crashing occurring during games with high player counts or matches lasting longer than 15 minutes.
-Memory optimization improvements, decreasing load times and improving performance overall.

PlayStation –
-Improved network optimization for players on both PS4 and PS5 to ensure better connectivity with friends on matchmaking lobbies or find nearby games or friend invites quickly.
-Fixes for various crashing occurring during games with high player counts or matches lasting longer than 15 minutes.

All Platforms –
-Resolved various issues related to party systems causing mismatch between voice chat members in pregame lobbies and upon entering a match session, allowing fully synced conversations with friends/teammates before/during/after games more easily than ever before.


We hope that these patch notes have provided a useful perspective on what to expect in the new Battlefield 2042 December 2021 update, and have helped you prepare for the change. With these detailed notes, we hope to make sure you have all of the information necessary before you download the latest update, so that you are ready to get back into battle.

We would like to thank our fans and players for their continued support and feedback throughout this process, as it has greatly helped us to better balance the game. As always, your feedback is essential and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue developing Battlefield 2042!


This guide outlines all the new changes and features added in the December 2021 patch for Battlefield 2042. We will discuss the download size of the patch, what type of content to expect and how to install it. We will also provide a comprehensive list of all the new changes, bug fixes, and performance enhancements that have been implemented in this latest update. So, let get into it and see what is new.

Weapons Guide

For Battlefield 2042, a major part of the gameplay experience revolves around the use of weapons. There are a wide variety of weapons available in all classes, including handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and more. Each weapon can be customized with attachments and upgrades to help you become even more lethal on the battlefield.

This guide will provide an overview of all the available weapons in Battlefield 2042 and detail their unique characteristics. You’ll also find information about weapon attachments and recommended loadouts for different classes. This guide will be updated regularly as new weapons and updates are released, so be sure to stay tuned!

Handguns: Handguns are powerful sidearms that specialize in close-range combat. They are best used for a quick reaction when caught off-guard or when engaging enemies in enclosed spaces. Popular handguns include the SPS MG9 Light Machine Gun, Markov Elite Submachine Gun and Kalash Assault Rifle.

Assault Rifles: Assault rifles excel at mid to long range encounters due to their high fire rate, accuracy and damage output. Notable examples include the DASUS Customized Bullpup AR-18 Stealth Battle Rifle, TERG Sentinel Autocannon AR and MK14C Silent Avian Field Rifle.

Shotguns: These ultra-powerful shotguns can quickly turn the tide of battle when used correctly – they pack an immense punch at short range due to their high damage output but have limited accuracy at long range making them unsuitable for extended engagements. Popular choices include the Kota Tactical Combat Shotgun, Struckt EX93 Revolver Shotgun and Benning ASL-45 Pump Action Shotgun.

Light Machine Guns: Light machine guns provide suppressing fire thanks to their large magazine sizes while retaining respectable accuracy – they lack power in close quarters but do well at medium ranges with sustained fire support role in mind . Favored models include CKPD National Guard LMGs like Type M637 Grendel Light Machine Gun , ODIN Multipurpose LMG , FCM Dostoevsky Heavy Machine Gun .

Sniper Rifles : These marksman’s favorite is most effective against distant targets due its unparalleled precision – only experienced users should attempt using sniper rifles as some recoil can throw off shots if not handled properly . Top picks in Battlefield 2042’s arsenal include TYPE 988 Varius Antimaterial Sniper Rifle , Daggercraft VTAR Long Range Sniper Rifle , Anderson Telescope VX2 Heavy Sniper Rifle .

Maps Guide

Battlefield 2042 is set to release in December 2021 and introduces an array of new maps, including the much-anticipated Conquest mode, which you can play on a variety of different platforms. Here is an overview guide to the maps in Battlefield 2042.

Outskirts – This map, which takes place in a large metropolis city center, features two exclusive gamemodes – Conquest and Breakthrough. This map also includes dynamic weather events that vary each round and cause natural disasters such as sandstorms that will impact visibility and line-of sight.

Manhattan – This small but intense nighttime map was inspired by classic New York streetscapes with iconic routes like Broadway, Central Park and Times Square. It supports all game modes up to 64 players.

Discarded – A wide-open desert environment on the Sudanese border of Egypt where large-scale battles can take place, this fan favorite supports all game modes up to 128 players.

Kaleidoscope – Set in futuristic Tokyo at sunset and both unique game modes are exclusive to this map: Danger Zone duos/quads and Elimination trios/quads. Supports up to 64 player matchmaking across all modes.

Hourglass– Take part in day battles across armored fortresses overlooking grand vistas from the Mediterranean Sea coast of Neptune,complete with drastic elevation changes across its terrain for intense infantry and vehicle engagements for up to 128 players located on the skirmish line or inside conquest Flag areas.

Vehicles Guide

Vehicles form a key part of Battlefield 2042 and each class has their own featured vehicle. Players will be able to use these vehicles during the game to traverse distances quicker and gain more tactical advantages. In this guide, we will break down the different types of vehicles available in Battlefield 2042 along with their benefits, relevant gameplay elements and information on how to unlock them.

Transport Land Vehicles: These are light-armored vehicles which are designed for traversing vast distances quickly and efficiently. They burn fuel quickly but carry huge amounts of cargo and people, making them useful for transporting resources, troops or fleeing enemies. Transport land vehicles come in four flavors: two jeeps, one half-track vehicle and an extended six-wheeled truck.

Light Tanks: These are heavily armored tanks which are capable of greater protection than transport land vehicles but slightly slower than the latter when driving over terrain or water. Light tanks boast powerful coilguns (slug guns) which can be used in close quarter engagements while they offer moderate protection against close range attacks from other tanks or infantry. Additionally, light tanks have the ability to pull harvesters around while still being able to move at decent speeds across the battlefield.

Heavily Armored Vehicles: Heavily armored vehicles can take a lot more damage than their lightweight counterparts but come with a major speed reduction due to the weight of their armor plating. Heavily armored vehicles possess powerful long range cannons but must choose terrain carefully when engaging enemies otherwise they risk becoming stuck or taking considerable damage from surrounding environments (forests, etc).

Helicopters & VTOLs: Helicopters provide massive area cover as well as quick transport for up to 4 team members across map sections due to their large size, speed and agility compared to ground unit movement speeds – making them an optimal choice for transportation from place A (a control point) – place B (other control points). Helicopters comes in two variants – attack helicopters which carry heavy weaponry such as rockets or bombs & recon helicopters made specifically for scouting locations before engaging enemies with main forces while employing various support tactics such as deploying sensors into locations beforehand & utilizing eavesdropping devices VTOL’s also known as Vertical Take Off & Landing craft have rear mounted rocket launchers and swappable payloads/cargos; providing light infantry forces much needed options when tagging along into hostile areas not suitable for ground transportation due to environmental reasons such as swamps/lakes/rivers etc.,

Modes Guide

Battlefield 2042 comes with several exciting game modes – from intense all-out warfare to co-operative team play. To make sure you know your way around the different modes, here is a quick overview of what each mode offers and how to get the most out of them.

Conquest: Conquest is the classic Battlefield game mode and the heart of Battlefield 2042. Up to 128 players fight for control over key flags scattered across massive maps, with each side spawning tanks, helicopters, and infantry troops in order to gain control.

Breakthrough: Breakthrough is a dynamic battle where two teams compete over key flags across maps that are broken down into sectors. Each successive sector presents an increasingly challenging battle as one side tries to break through while the other defends.

Rush: Rush is an objective-based attack and defend where one team tries to plant explosives at targets while the other defends these points and tries to eliminate attackers before they can get close enough to plant charges.

Team Deathmatch: This fast-paced mode has both sides fighting for domination in small areas by getting kills against opponents on their map’s respective teams. The game ends only when one team reaches their kill goal first or runs out of time, whichever comes first – though unlimited time extensions can be earned in longer deathmatches by scoring extra kills!

Squad Deathmatch: Squad Deathmatch is a faster-paced version of Team Deathmatch where groups compete against each other instead of everyone being thrown into one giant match with no definite objectives or rules (apart from putting your opponents six feet under). It caters more towards competitive playstyles as it forces squads organized strategy rather than randomly grouping up people they don’t know who may work differently than them.

Domination: Domination focuses on smaller areas within a map, giving players access to capture zones that provide advantages like weaponry pickups or medic kits when controlled by their faction. Each faction competes for control over five capture zones located throughout the map – if all five are claimed then they score a points bonus at the end