Sea of Thieves is already a hit, but it’s not without its flaws. The launch was marred by player complaints that the game’s quests were too difficult and felt repetitive. In response to those criticisms from players, Rare released an update with easier-to-complete “Beginner’s Quests” which also added in new ships to collect throughout the course of gameplay. Whether or not these changes are enough will likely depend on how well Sea of Thieves does in terms of sales

The “sea of thieves bosses ranked” is a list that ranks the hardest quests in Sea Of Thieves.

It’s not only about cruising the seas in pursuit of treasure in Sea of Thieves.

There’s also an epic tale to be told. Tall Tales, Sea of Thieves’ response to quests, are the source of these.

These will send you on an adventure that will lead you to the famed Shores Of Gold.

With the addition of checkpoints, Tall Tales have become a little simpler, but they still provide a challenge to even the most seasoned pirates.

So watch out, Sea Dogs and Scallywags!

Because, spoiler alert, there will be spoilers for multiple Tall Tales in the following paragraphs.


The Cursed Rogue is number five on the list.

On paper, the second Tall Tale isn’t too tough.

However, the ultimate battle may cause more issues than you anticipated.

With a boss encounter against Captain Briggsy, the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale comes to an end. She has an absurdly high health bar and summons a slew of Skeletons to keep you occupied.

Her most deadly assault is a shock wave that can knock you out and fling you into the water (assuming it doesn’t kill you), and here is where the difficulty lies.

This struggle takes a long time, especially if you keep falling into the drink.

The longer this battle drags on, the more probable it is that another player ship will arrive to check what you’re up to.

You’ll probably never notice them approaching since your team will be too preoccupied with battling.

Piracy is always a concern in Sea of Thieves, but dying to it when you’re so close to the finish is really painful!


4. The Morningstar’s Revenge

If you’ve been having trouble with riddles so far, I’ve got some terrible news for you: things are about to become a lot worse.

The first thing you have to do in Revenge Of The Morningstar is change your pirates’ outfits to disguise yourself as a new gang, which is very awesome!

The tricky aspect is that you’re given a book with symbols and words to match, as well as a page written in those symbols.

You have to go back and forth between your quest book and attempt to figure out what the paragraph means, and when you do, it still doesn’t make sense.

The chapter is written in riddles, with words like “From Cave Walk Rising Sun,” which translates to “Walk East from the Cave” (because the sun rises in the East).

This Tall Tale will be lot simpler to solve if you write everything down and figure it out using a pen and paper.


3. The Trickster’s Art

You’ll have to solve some really challenging puzzles in The Art Of The Trickster.

These puzzles need you to align a special Spyglass with landmarks, but there isn’t much to rely on – and it’s easy to lose track of where you were if you’re ever assaulted.

The complexity of this Tall Tale truly comes to a head towards the conclusion.

You must navigate a maze of mechanical traps to reach the exit. And all it takes is one misstep to get you slaughtered.

You’re going to die a lot if platforming isn’t your strong suit.

So take your time, and if you can bring someone along, they can help you if you pass out.

At the conclusion of the Tall Tale, there’s a boss encounter, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ve just gone through.


2. The Thief’s Stars

It’s one thing to navigate with a map.

However, navigating by the stars is a very other matter, and there’s a reason we don’t do that anymore!

The third Tall Tale, Stars Of A Thief, is a harsh introduction to how difficult the challenges in Sea of Thieves can be.

You’re handed an enchanted Spyglass and must navigate your way around by looking at glowing star constellations.

The main problem with this Tall Tale is how simple it is to get lost in it. And being turned around at any time might cause you to lose a lot of ground.

More power to you if you can work out the hints.

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and there’s nothing in the way of guidance or tips.


1. The Golden Shores

The last Tall Tale in the main tale is the most difficult mission in the game for the following reasons:

With a combination of puzzle-solving, platforming, traps, and a big boss encounter in a vault of pirate riches, The Shores Of Gold is a genuine test of any pirate’s abilities.

Here, every aspect of your gameplay will be put to the test.

And you can sure that if you have any flaws, the Shores Of Gold will reveal them.

However, there is one section that strikes out as very challenging.

It’s the portion when you have to navigate narrow boards and leap over small platforms using just your lantern as a source of illumination.

Here, many a pirate’s life has been lost.

And there’s no way to get around it.

Only a fully-rounded pirate has a chance of making it out of the Shores Of Gold alive and healthy.

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Sea Of Thieves is a game that has many quests, but some are harder than others. This list ranks the hardest quests in Sea Of Thieves. Reference: sea of thieves skeleton lords.

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