With the growing variety of games and the need to differentiate yourself, there is a market for different kinds of clothing. This article will discuss some popular categories like rings, gloves or capes that you can buy as an accessory for your character in-game.

In a world where superheroes are everywhere, it’s no wonder that capes and even rings have become the focal point of many people’s collections. In this article we’ll look at some of the best items in the market for your next super costume party or a new set to add to your current wardrobe.

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Melee combat accounts for a substantial amount of all fighting in OSRS, and it is one of the game’s three primary combat methods, alongside magic and range.

An adventurer may pick from a range of melee build choices to become a force to be reckoned with!

There are many of options available, whether you want a high-dps build or a tank-based one.

So, let’s take a look at some of the greatest melee gear possibilities in OSRS, as well as how to earn them all.


15. Boots of the Guardian

Let’s start with the most effective defensive boot in OSRS.

The Guardian boots are an enhanced pair of Bandos boots with excellent range and melee defense, making them an excellent choice for tanking monsters like Bandos.

They’re valued roughly 2.2 million gold, so they’re not cheap…

These are, however, far less expensive than their offensive equivalent, the Primordial Boots.

To use these tanky boots, you’ll need a defense level of at least 75.

How to Get: Combine a pair of Bando’s boots with a Black Tourmaline Core to get this item. This is a non-reversible procedure.


14. Shield of Dragonfire

Dragonfire Shield from OSRS

The Dragonfire Shield is one of the greatest shields in OSRS, with excellent defense boosts all over.

The shield also deflects dragonfire strikes, which makes it very effective against monsters like Vorkath and the King Black Dragon.

It’s crucial to notice the negative magic and range benefits here, as you’ll want to utilize this as an offhand for melee combat only.

The shield also serves as an elemental shield, giving it a significant edge against Wyverns. To wield this magnificent shield, you’ll need at least 75 Defense.

Attach a Draconic Visage to an anti-dragon fire shield to get. This takes 90 smithing; alternatively, you may pay Oziach 1.25m to have it done for you.


Dharok Set (#13)

Dharok Set from OSRS

Full Dharok is a barrows armour set that is utilized for its passively activated set effect:

Your maximum hit increases as your hitpoints decrease while wearing this.

So, at 99 hitpoints, for every 1 health point you lose, you earn a 1% increase in maximum hit.

The set is often used to increase strength levels because to its tremendous impact.

The Nightmare Zone, Monkey Guards, and Bandits are all popular sites for this kind of training. And, since the potential of one-shotting your opponent is fairly great, this set is also employed in high-risk PvP!

This outfit may only be obtained by playing the barrows minigame.


Ring of the Berserker (i)

Berserker Ring (i) from OSRS

With a +8 melee strength boost, the Berserker Ring is the finest ring in OSRS for melee strength.

This ring is suitable for both PvM and PvP, since it improves your maximum hit and enables you to hit higher and more often.

This ring is what I use for high-level PvM and almost any melee-based slayer duty. It is also optional to wear this ring, which makes it popular among all players.

How to Get It: Dagannoth Rex drops it as a drop. It must be instilled in the Nightmare Zone.


Dragon Defender (#11)

Dragon Defender from OSRS

So this is OSRS’s second most powerful defender, needing level 60 defense to wield, and it’s a formidable castle of defense.

The +6 strength boost, as well as the significant melee attack and defense benefits, make it a popular offhand.

It’s also available for free from the Warriors Guild, where it’s dropped at a rate of 1/100 by high-leveled Cyclopes (not too bad).

Overall, owing to the low danger of employing it and the ease with which it can be reclaimed if lost, this is the most preferred defender for PvM and PvP.

How to Get It: The Warriors Guild sells it. To be eligible for the Dragon Defender, you must have acquired all of the other defenders.


10. The Cape of Fire

Fire Cape from OSRS

The legendary Fire Cape is the second greatest melee cape in OSRS, and it can be obtained by completing the Fight Caves.

The Fight Caves are not for the faint of heart. You must endure 63 waves of fierce foes without replenishment (wish me luck!)

You’ll also face the one and only Jad, a formidable beast capable of one-hitting any unprepared adventurer, in the very end.

The fire cape, however, is well worth the effort, with +4 melee strength, +2 prayer boost, +11 defensive benefits, and +1 offensive bonus.

It is extensively utilized by many OSRS players and may be effective for many play types.

To earn this cape, complete the Fight Caves and kill the powerful Jad.


Amulet of Torture (number 9)

Amulet of Torture from OSRS

The Amulet of Torture is an enchanted Zeynte Amulet that substantially increases your melee attacking powers.

It gives you a gigantic +10 melee strength boost, as well as a +15 bonus to all melee attack bonuses!

The amulet has no defense, but with this much attack power, you won’t need it.

You’ll also need at least 75 hitpoints to put this on.

To gain the amulet of Torture, enchant a Zeynte necklace, which requires 93 magic.


Avernic Defender (number 8)

Avernic Defender from OSRS

The Avernic Defender, OSRS’s finest defender, is here.

It’s a Dragon Defender that’s been enhanced with an Avernic hilt.

The only way to get this hilt is to get it as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. With a +8 melee strength boost and substantially greater melee attack bonuses, the Avernic is much more powerful than the Dragon defender.

To wield this strong offhand equipment, you’ll require 70 attack and defense, as well as about 41 million gold, since the Avernic hilt is not inexpensive.

It’s also worth mentioning that this offhand in OSRS has the greatest offensive melee attack bonus of any offhand!

To get the Avernic Defender, combine an Avernic hilt from Theatre of Blood with a Dragon Defender.


Boots from the beginning

Primordial Boots from OSRS

These boots are the greatest offensive melee boots in OSRS, requiring a high strength and defense level of 75 to equip.

They have a +5 strength bonus, a +22 melee defense boost, and a +2 melee attack bonus.

To top it off, at about 22m, these boots are rather pricey! This undoubtedly makes them the most costly pair of melee boots in OSRS – if not the most expensive pair of boots ever!

To get a pair of Dragon Boots and a Primordial Crystal, combine them. Cerberus can only give you the Primordial Crystal at a rate of 1/512, and merging the two needs level 60 Runecrafting and magic.


6. Faceguard Neitiznot

Neitiznot faceguard from OSRS

High strength boosts are, as you would expect, quite desired in OSRS.

The Neitiznot faceguard, meanwhile, provides a +6 strength boost, a +3 prayer bonus, and great melee and range defenses. As a result, it has a lot to offer.

This helmet is an excellent all-arounder if you want to restrict your switches, particularly for Chambers of Xeric, since it has no negative advantages.

You’ll need at least level 70 defense to wear this helmet, as well as completion of the master quest Fremennik Exiles, which is sealed behind certain high skill and quest requirements.

Combine a Basilisk Jaw with a Helm of Neitiznot to get. If you want your money back, this is completely reversible. The entire cost is estimated to be over $17.5 million!


5. a pair of ferocious gloves

Ferocious Gloves from OSRS

These gloves are very powerful, but they’re only available if you meet certain quest and stat conditions.

They do, however, provide an insane +14 melee strength boost, +16 melee offensive bonus, and a -16 magic and range benefit.

They’re great for intense melee offensive battle, since they don’t have any defensive attributes!

To wear them, you’ll need level 80 attack and defense, as well as unlocked Barrows gloves, which are locked behind a slew of missions.

Ferocious gloves are likewise valued roughly 4 million gold, making them among of OSRS’ most costly gloves.

How to Get: At the odd machine on Lithkren, combine a Hydra Leather with a pair of Barrows gloves. This also requires the completion of Dragon Slayer II.


4. Spirit Shield of Elysium

Elysian Spirit Shield from OSRS

The Elysian Spirit Shield is the finest shield in OSRS, and it’s not only for melee!

Its passive feature, which gives the user a 70 percent chance of decreasing all incoming damage by 25%, makes it very flexible.

As a result, the shield is the best option for tanking!

With this equipped, there are no attack bonuses, but there are significant melee and range defense benefits, as well as a +3 prayer boost.

This shield is ideal for tanking in the God War Dungeon or attempting an Inferno.

Before you go for this one, keep in mind that you’ll need level 75 defense and 75 prayer to use this powerful shield.

Attach an Elysian Sigil to a Blessed Spirit Shield to get. To complete this task, you’ll need level 85 smithing and level 90 prayer. You may also pay Abbot Langley 1.5 million gold to do it for you. He’s at the monastery in Edgeville.


3. The Hellish Cape

Infernal Cape from OSRS

The Infernal Cape is the most powerful melee cape in OSRS, and it is outrageously strong in comparison to other melee capes.

It possesses a +8 strength boost, +12 defensive bonuses, +4 melee bonuses, and a +2 prayer bonus on top of that.

It’s also one of the most elusive capes in the game, since it requires defeating Zuk, The Inferno’s last monster.

It’s also one of the few animated capes available, and it’s really gorgeous.

How to Get It: This item can only be obtained by finishing the Inferno.


2. Armour of the Justiciar

Justiciar Armour from OSRS

In OSRS, the greatest defensive armour set is Justiciar Armour, which needs 75 defense to equip.

When you wear the whole set, it also provides a passive effect that drastically decreases all incoming damage.

In addition, the armour possesses high melee defensive numbers of roughly +300 in each location, as well as a range defense of +311.

However, the magic and range attack bonuses have been reduced by -77 and -39 points, respectively.

When utilizing the amour and numerous attack techniques, keep this in mind.

The set’s total cost is almost 37.5 million gold, making it rather pricey. The legguards, chestguard, and faceguard make up the whole armour set.

The set may only be obtained as a rare drop after finishing the Theatre of Blood.


Bandos Armour is a brand of armour created by Bandos.

Bandos Armour from OSRS

The one and only Bandos armour set takes the top place on our list.

Wearing this set demands at least 65 defense, and it delivers the greatest strength benefit of any melee armour in OSRS, making it the finest offensive option.

This armour has a total melee strength boost of +6, a high melee defense bonus of slightly under +200, a range bonus of +241, and a prayer bonus of +3.

Negative magic and range attack boosts, as well as negative magic defence, should all be avoided.

The full set costs over 40 million gold, making it yet another prohibitively costly alternative. But it’ll be well worth it!

The chest plate, tassets, and boots make up this armour set.

The armour may be obtained as a drop from General Graardor, who can be found in the God War Dungeon. Any of the armour parts has a 1/128 chance of dropping at random.

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