The Pokemon series is a beloved gaming franchise that has been around for over two decades. As the popularity of Pokemon grew, so did its roster of fairy-type Pokemon. Today, we have a list of the 15 best shiny fairy-type Pokemon designs in the series.

The shiny sylveon pokemon go is a fairy-type Pokemon that has a shiny design. There are 15 different designs in the list, but the top three are Sylveon, Jirachi, and Hoopa.

The Fairy-type is the most recent and, perhaps, the most powerful in Pokémon.

Fairies have readily made their impact on the Pokémon competitive arena, being able to knock down Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-types with ease.

However, this isn’t the primary reason for their enormous appeal.

That has to go to the adorable and sophisticated designs, which are among the finest in the whole series!

What’s more, guess what? Their shinies are equally impressive!

And these, in my view, are the best-looking Fairy-type Pokémon available.


Milcery (number 15)

Milcery is a cute sentient dollop of whipped cream that floats about joyfully.

It’s lovely, simple, and adorable.

That is, until you see how bright it is.

Shiny Milcery’s cream-colored skin is replaced with pure white, and its white eyes are replaced with black.

Milcery has transformed from a cute cream to a SPOOKY GHOOOOOOOSST!!!

…well, it’s not that scary.

It’s still adorable, in fact. But I couldn’t help myself.

Shiny Milcery is simply an upside down ghost outfit that makes me smile every time I see it.


Cottonee (number 14)


Grass-type Pokémon have a lot of green and pink in them.

Plants are linked with springtime since it is when they are at their most bright and healthiest.

However, the autumn foliage, when the leaves change brown, crimson, and orange, is my favorite plant look. A lot of Grass-type shinies were used to capture this.

Shiny Cottonee, who is normally green with orange eyes, has swapped the two hues to make it much more autumnal.

Cottonee also has a much more innocent appearance with her beautiful green eyes.

It also has the appearance of buttered popcorn. It’s always a bonus when you can do that!


Marill is 13 years old.


Marill is a shiny Pokémon that is both simple and effective.

When in doubt, just choose a hue that contrasts with the preceding one to make the glossy version stand out.

Marill’s color is altered from blue to green in this instance.

And I wish there was more to say about Marill’s gleaming sheen… But there isn’t any.

Marill is just cute all of the time! Money is its gleaming form.


Impidimp is number twelve.


Gollum has finally been turned into a Pokémon!

This shiny has the traditional “pink to blue” color shift that I like, but that isn’t why Impidimp was chosen for this list.

Impidimp’s mask and tongue go from a very dark purple to white, which is an even greater transformation.

This, along with the blues, gives sparkling Impidimp a prankster-type fairy, a la Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who is less wicked.

It’s naughty and adorable, and I adore it.


Carbink is number eleven.


Carbink, although being a Rock-type, has a lovely appearance because to the jewels on its body and its attractive white mane.

This gives the impression that it was made underground.

Its gleaming appearance reinforces this point even further.

While the diamonds themselves remain the same hue, the granite surrounding them shifts from light gray to black. Its white mane has also become a brilliant blue, matching Carbink’s eyes.

Because the hues complement Carbink’s chilly blue, this brings a lot more attention to the stones strewn around his body.

I’m not sure what to say. Carbink’s gleam is a true jewel.


tenth Alcremie


Alcremie features a unique visual gimmick in which the brilliant coloring varies according on how fast, in which direction, and for how long your in-game character spins.

However, its gleaming appearance takes precedence.

Alcremie’s gleaming shape is gray with a hint of white at the edges, like a meringue that has been caramelized with a torch (or more accurately, when a marshmallow is burned over a fire).

While it’s a shame you couldn’t obtain those bright and colorful colors, you can give Alcremie various fruits depending on what it’s clutching as it develops, so that’s nice!


Azumarill No. 9


I feel like I’ve included Azumarill on every sparkly list I’ve made.

Can you blame me, though?

The glossy appearance of this brilliant blue egg bunny turns to gold!

Instead of discussing about Easter egg hunts, I’m going to speak about something new I’ve observed.

Azumarill is intended to have bubbles flowing out of its white stomach, similar to how bubbles appear in water.

In its gleaming shape, though, the gold hue steers me away from water and toward champagne.

A smidgeon of bubbly, if you will.

This implies that Azumarill is no longer only for Easter, but also for New Year’s! That’s one adaptable bunny.




Spritzee, being one of the earliest original fairies, is easy to overlook.

It’s pink with bright crimson eyes and small wings.

In essence, it’s a standard-looking Fairy. However, its gleaming shape takes a lot of chances, which I like.

The pink wings and feathers have all been replaced with purple, and the red eyes have been replaced with yellow.

This helps them shine out against the purple and draws attention to more of Spritzee’s characteristics, such as those cute tiny feet!

I truly wish this was Spritzee’s standard appearance since I believe it would be remembered much more favorably.


Xerneas, number seven


Xerneas has always been a dangerous Pokémon since Gemoancy was paired with a Power Herb.

Xerneas is the polar opposite of Yveltal, and is meant to symbolize life rather than devastation.

However, I didn’t always get that impression from the way it was designed.

The gloomy hue of Xerneas does not exude vitality and creativity to me. Those gloomy blues and blacks are much too depressing to convey the optimism that is intended to be conveyed.

This isn’t the case, though, because of its gleaming appearance.

The blues have been brightened, and the black has been replaced with white.

This, in my opinion, should have been the case from the start. Particularly in contrast to Yveltal’s crimson and black hue.

This better supports the diametric nature of these Pokémon and, in my view, looks a lot better.


Snubbull is number six.


I always like it when a Pokémon’s shiny form has a purpose, such as Alcremie or Cottonee.

This gives the impression that the designers were thinking when they developed these one-of-a-kind shapes.

With Snubull, however, this is not the case. And as a result, I adore it even more.

Just take a look at Snubbull’s colors: pink, blue, black, and tan tiny paws.

Purple, hot pink, a pinkish/lavender hue, and brilliant orange feet may be seen on the glossy form.

This jumble of bright hues obviously dates from a period when Game Freak didn’t give a damn about how shinies looked as long as they were “different.”

And this, in my opinion, is the most memorable shiny Pokémon to emerge from Johto.


Mimikyu (number 5)


Milcery and Mimikyu have a lot of things in common.

They’re both Fairy-types with shinies that look like shoddy ghost outfits, and they both start with the letter “M.”

Mimikyu’s, on the other hand, was done on purpose.

It’s only appropriate that its shining form appears like the traditional “holes cut in a sheet” ghost as a Ghost-type Pokémon with a cheap-looking outfit.

Everything in this room is white and black, even the stick it used to hold Pikachu’s tail!

This is just a brilliantly gleaming design decision that always brings a grin to my face.


Sylveon is number four.


When you think of a Fairy-type Pokémon, you’re probably thinking about Sylveon.

It’s pink, it’s cute, and it’s the evolution of one of the most beloved Pokémon ever.

It also pulls off some classic techniques to create a fantastic gleam.

All they did with Sylveon was replace all of the pink coloring with blue, and the result was a Pokémon that was just as adorable as the original.

The main difference here is that the color shifts direct my attention to the bow tie on Sylveon’s neck rather than the bow on its ears.

Sylveon is really the ideal Fairy.

It also received a gleaming shape that was ideal for it.


Morelull is number three.


Remember what I mentioned about Cottonee at the beginning of the list?

That is doubly true for Morelull.

Morelull’s pink and purple mushrooms become a mixture of red, orange, brown, and yellow in their glossy state. This Pokémon gives off a strong sense of autumn once again.

And part of the reason it jumps out so much more here is because Morelull’s evolution attempts and fails horribly to achieve the same thing.

Shiinotic looks like it’s been sitting in crap instead of lovely fall decorations.

And although it makes sense for a mushroom, I’m not sure I’d want to employ it in combat.

Meanwhile, Morelull becomes prettier with each passing day, making it one of my all-time favorite pre-evolution shinies.


2. Gardevoir Mega


With Mega Pokémon going away, we lost a ton of great designs & powerful creatures that made the game a lot more fun.

Most significantly, we lost a slew of fantastic shinies!

Take Mega Gardevoir, for example.

Gardevoir has long been regarded as a graceful Pokémon. Its Mega version, on the other hand, made it more more beautiful by adding a bustle to its garment.

This Mega also resulted in a more lustrous finish.

Shiny Mega Gardevoir didn’t only change its color to blue; it also changed its white clothing to black.

This creates a strong impact on me right away.

Instead of Cinderella, Lady Dimitrescu seems to have taken her place at the ball. That’s something I’m all for!


Florges, No. 1


Flabebe was the first original fairy Pokémon I had encountered.

I adored its design, particularly the visual trick in which the color of its bloom varied depending on the color of the flowers in the field in where you captured it.

Florges, this continued all the way up to its ultimate development.

It’s also fitting that it develops with a Shining Stone, since this is without a doubt the finest shiny Fairy kind.

Shiny Florges merely turns its green stem and leaves purple, but this gives it a more beautiful appearance.

This Pokémon’s head, no matter what color it is, blends in nicely with the purple.

Because of the contrast between the dark purple and the white blossoms, which seem to drown out Florges’ face, they stand out.

Florges incorporates several of my favorite design techniques within its gleaming shape.

Its color changes are between two opposing hues, and it has various shape variations, all of which complement the original design’s primary concept.

And it is for this reason that I must rank Florges first.

The fairy eevee is a Pokemon that has a light, airy feel to it. It’s a perfect Pokemon for those who want something different from the typical fire and water type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most beautiful shiny Pokemon?

This is a difficult question to answer. All shiny Pokemon are beautiful and shiny, so it would be hard for me to choose one.

Who is the most beautiful Fairy type Pokemon?

The most beautiful Fairy type Pokemon is definitely Clefairy.

What is the strongest Fairy type?

The strongest Fairy type is the Mega Gardevoir.

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