Intel’s new ATX12V power standard is designed to reduce the number of wires and connectors on motherboards, but some motherboard manufacturers are balking at the change. Alder Lake Z690 motherboards will retain 24-pin connectors in order to remain compatible with older systems.

The Motherboard Manufacturers Balk at Intel’s New ATX12VO Power Standard, Alder Lake Z690 Motherboards to Retain 24-Pin Connectors is a news article that discusses how motherboard manufacturers are not happy with the new standard.

Support for a new power standard dubbed ATX12VO, which offers decreased idle desktop power for lower energy consumption, is something Intel is eager to include in its forthcoming Intel Z690 motherboards for 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” CPUs. However, according to recent rumors, several motherboard makers don’t seem to mind and have decided to stick with the old 24-pin ATX12V specification for their future products. According to Yuuki ans, some manufacturers are simply offering ATX12VO to ATX12V adapter boards, while others, more amusingly, have designed a single ATX12VO motherboard that will never be released and exists solely to satisfy Intel’s alleged requirement that at least one board supporting its new power standard be available. MSI’s Z590 PRO and ASRock’s Z590 Phantom Gaming 4SR are two ATX12VO motherboards that are already on the market.

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July 26, 2021 — -Yuuki AnS (@yuuki ans)

1. Intel AlderLake’s Xe is identical to TigerLake’s Xe, and it will be utilized until the 14th generation. 2. According to certain manufacturers, Intel needs us to “create” at least one 12VO-powered motherboard, but not to “release” it. (Laughs🤣)

July 27, 2021 — -Yuuki AnS (@yuuki ans)

The Z690 motherboards, which support Alder Lake Desktop CPUs, were set to embrace the new standard, which has been proven to decrease idle power by half, although the power efficiency improvements aren’t as substantial as power rises all the way up to full load. A suitable PSU and a motherboard with the appropriate power connections are required to run ATX12VO. For current customers, this is just too big of an update, which may be one of the numerous reasons why motherboard manufacturers are opting out of the standard.

Yuuki ans is the source of this information (via Wccftech)